Flip the First, Flip the State!

In February, during the Chairman’s Circle dinner, I asked for the Cape GOP membership to support me in my quest to make Cape May County “Totally Red”. You have exceeded my wildest expectations!

From that evening the “Flip the First” movement was born and the Cape May and Cumberland GOP organizations fielded one of the finest groups of LD1 candidates that we have ever had in Michael Testa, Erik Simonsen and Antwan McClellan.

I don’t think that any of us realized the quantum of force that would be directed against us from the Norcross “General Majority PAC”, or the depths that the Democrats would stoop to in the despicable TV ads and mailers they unleashed.

Unfortunately for them, the hate campaign promulgated by Camden venom monger, Mickey Quinn, was totally out of touch with the psyche of the Cape May County and Cumberland County voters.

As a result, and due to the hard work of the Cape May County and Cumberland County GOP organizations, the election results were staggering and we scored an unprecedented win over the Democratic Camden County “money machine” in virtually every category.

Not only did our Senate and Assembly candidates win Cape May County by a sizable majority but they also “crushed it” in a traditionally blue Cumberland County. Thanks to your hard work we will now have a voice in Trenton and our Freeholder Board will receive the much-needed support that they require from the legislative offices.

Similarly, our Freeholder candidates, Freeholder director Gerry Thornton and Freeholder Marie Hayes rolled on to a sizable victory in their reelection campaign. The Democratic Freeholder campaign reflected the same negativity as the legislative race by focusing on name-calling and not on issues.

This negativity did not resonate well with Cape May County voters who resoundingly rejected the poison.

On a local level candidate, Jim Norris ousted incumbent Mike Clark making Middle Township “Totally Red” for the first time. The Clark campaign also focused on divisive rhetoric aimed primarily at Mayor Tim Donohue and not on the issues. Like the other Democratic campaigns it fell short as Middle Township voters rejected this approach.

In Dennis Township, incumbents Mayor Zeth Matalucci and Committeeman Matthew Cox were reelected, maintaining Republican control and keeping Dennis Township “Totally Red”, to the credit of municipal leader and Committeeman Frank Germanio and the Dennis Township Republican organization.

In less contested, but equally important, races throughout the county our Republican representatives also swept to victory in North Wildwood, Stone Harbor, Upper Township and Woodbine.

I cannot begin to thank all of you for the hard work that went into achieving this monumental victory. I would particularly like to thank our major donors who were so helpful in providing some of the much-needed funding. They are too numerous to name here but will be separately recognized. Their belief in our organization and their monetary support helped propel us to victory and enabled us to “Flip the First!”

Most of all, I thank you, my fellow Republicans, for your hard work, commitment and belief in our organization. you have helped to make the Cape May County GOP the finest Republican organization in New Jersey. Nina Simone said it best, “It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life and I’m feeling good.”

We “Flipped the First, now Flip the State!”

God bless you and God bless America!

Marcus Karavan, Chairman Cape GOP


The GOP, “Grand Old Party,” first took roots in 1854 with a small group of dedicated abolitionists gathered to fight against the expansion of slavery and in hopes of starting a Party dedicated to freedom and equal opportunity.

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