Greetings, fellow Republicans. I write this correspondence to you on Day 56 of the New Jersey “lockdown”. When we first began “sheltering in place” and observing “social distancing”, we lacked significant information about the morbidity and the mortality rate of the COVID-19 version of the coronavirus.
In this regard, we relied, in large part, on information provided by Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is regarded, by the CDC and the WHO, as one of the preeminent immunologists and experts on infectious diseases in the world.
A little history is in order:
On January 21, 2020, Dr. Fauci publicly advised the nation that the COVID-19 virus was “not a major threat to the people of the United States.”
On February 26, 2020 Dr. Fauci told the American people that travel restrictions were “irrelevant”.
Thereafter, on February 29, 2020, Dr. Fauci said, on a “TODAY” show interview, that there was “no need for the American people to change anything they are doing in their day-to-day lives.”
On March 9, 2020, Dr. Fauci said it would be “good judgment” to hold political rallies if it was in a venue with no “community spread.”
Yet, on March 15, 2020 Dr. Fauci abruptly changed course and told an ABC News reporter that the deaths in the United States from the COVID-19 virus may be as high as 1.7 million.
This was apparently based, at least in part, on Dr. Fauci’s review of the model created by British epidemiologist Dr. Neil Ferguson, which predicted 2.2 million US deaths from the virus. During this time, Dr. Fauci was publicly supported, in his predictions, by the ever present and ever agreeable Dr. Birx. Incidentally, Dr. Ferguson recently resigned his position as a government advisor.
Interestingly, up until approximately March 15, 2020 New York Mayor, Bill de Blasio, and his Health Commissioner, Oxiris Barbot, were downplaying the virus and advising New Yorkers to ride the subway, to go to restaurants and not to “fear the virus” while simultaneously denouncing the President as a “racist” and a “xenophobe” for halting air travel from China at the end of January.
The mainstream media seized upon Dr. Fauci’s grossly inaccurate and overstated death predictions, dubbed COVID-19 a “PANDEMIC”, and began bombarding the airwaves with incessant and relentless waves of “health terror propaganda”.
Elected officials, unsure of the morbidity and rate of mortality of the virus, wisely adopted protective measures to “reduce the spread” and “flatten the curve”; accordingly, we entered the world of Zoom meetings, face masks and disinfectant with the intent that a two week hibernation would bring about the desired results.
At that time many states lacked sufficient Personal Protective Equipment and ventilators and there was genuine public concern about overwhelming our hospitals and healthcare workers. People were terrified of the media portrayal of this virus and many suffered extreme stress from the panic which ensued.
Dr. Fauci was present during tele-briefings, on a daily basis, to provide us with warnings about staying at home, frequently washing our hands, not touching our faces and staying away from each other; however, he and Dr. Birx were notably silent on helpful tips to boost our immune systems, develop herd immunity and increase our resilience to the virus. Dr. Fauci routinely revisited his grossly inaccurate “model” frequently downgrading the mortality rate until it was less than one hundred thousand; light years from his original terror-filled projections.
Let us leave the revelations that have since come to light regarding Dr. Fauci’s $3.7 million dollar funding of the WuHan Bio Lab through NIAID, his involvement with WHO, the CDC, big Pharma and Bill Gates aside for another article. Instead we will focus on conditions here in Cape May County, at present, approximately 56 days after  Governor Murphy’s initial March 16, 2020 shut down Order.
As of May 10, 2020 Cape May County, which has approximately 92,000 residents, has had 458 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 32 COVID-19 related deaths. 54% of the total cases are in long term care, 75% of the deaths occurred in long term care. As of this writing, there are 107 active cases in Cape May County accounting for approximately one tenth of one percent (.11%) of our year-round population. For those of you interested in staying abreast of the statistics, I direct you to Mayor Tim Donohue’s Facebook page where he is regularly posting. In any event, it would appear that we have successfully “flattened the curve”.
Despite this, our churches remain closed, our restaurants, taverns, shops, gyms, and salons remain closed. Small business owners throughout the County are in danger of losing their livelihood. Residents can not obtain necessary dental care or elective surgeries. Large segments of our population remain unemployed and facing financial disaster.  
In the face of these incredible challenges, our courageous citizens and law enforcement personnel have acted reasonably and responsibly. Our Mayors and Freeholders, with the aid of members of the business community and the help of former GOP Chair and retired Judge Michael Donohue, have prepared the most comprehensive reopening plan in NJ and submitted it to the Governor last week, requesting that the Governor adopt a reasonable regionalization approach to re-opening. Congressman Jeff Van Drew, Senator Michael Testa, Jr. and Assemblymen, Erik Simonsen and Antwan McClellan also support this effort. Yet, to date the Governor has failed to act upon the same.
When asked about the constitutionality of his Executive Orders, Governor Murphy responded that the “Bill of Rights was above his pay grade.” At a separate conference, he indicated that the protests of New Jersey residents regarding the lockdown “didn’t matter one little bit”. This is not responsive or responsible government. It is hubris and government by fiat.
My friends, the quality of life of our citizens is in extreme jeopardy. Daily, I receive calls from members of the public who are unemployed or shut down and are unable to pay for the bills of their families, or are unable to obtain medical and dental care or are in danger of losing their home or livelihood. It is clear now that this virus does not severely affect the young and the healthy. In fact, 97% of the deaths are persons of very advanced age with comorbid conditions. We need to protect those who are vulnerable without destroying the lives of those who are not. It is time to reopen Cape May County!
At this juncture, we do not advocate outright defiance of the Governor’s orders. Nor do we suggest any actions that would endanger our law enforcement personnel, who are working hard through these trying times. However, we do suggest that you fully exercise your First Amendment rights through all appropriate means of communication i.e. telephone, email, correspondence to the newspapers, Facebook posts, Twitter comments, et cetera; that you emphatically and repeatedly convey to Governor Murphy and Lieutenant Governor, Sheila Oliver, your support of the plan to reopen Cape May County and demand a response to same. Also, convey to Governor Murphy your opinion of his disregard of the plight of Cape May County residents and his disregard of the United States Constitution. Please share this message to your friends and relatives and have them contact the Governor as well.
Cape GOP is working daily with local officials to reopen our County. Please watch for future updates and notices of future action.
God bless you and God bless America!


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