Thank you to everyone who supported the 2020 Chairman’s Circle Dinner, either as a sponsor or as an attendee. This event was, by far, our most successful Chairman’s Circle to-date. Those of you who attended can attest to the incredible energy in the room that night. It’s a good time to be a Republican in Cape May County!

Last year, at this same event, we made a pact to make Cape May County totally red. Due to your hard work and perseverance and dedication of some excellent candidates, we were not only able to win all of our local and county races, but we were also able to “Flip the First.”

The election of Erik Simonsen and Antwan McClellan to the Assembly, and of Michael Testa Jr to the Senate, was not only momentous, it was also historic. The Camden Democrat machine spent millions of dollars in an attempt to maintain control of our district. They launched an ugly campaign full of racial epithets, calumnious, ad hominem attacks and lies. However, through your hard work and dedication we were able to take total control of LD1 for the first time in decades.

After that, events became almost surreal. Our local Congressman, Jeff Van Drew, courageously voted against the unjust impeachment of our President, Donald J Trump, and changed parties. Then the President of the United States came to our county and well over 100,000 people followed him here as Wildwood was covered by a RED WAVE in the middle of January.

When the smoke cleared, we not only received national attention but we had a new Republican Congressman. This election, and our efforts, have galvanized and inspired Republican communities throughout the state of New Jersey. Due to your hard work and dedication, everyone in our party statewide is looking at LD1 as the spark that ignited the fire.

At this juncture, I want to thank all of the sponsors and attendees for making this event a fabulous success. I specifically want to thank Aimee Schultz of JASM Consulting, for her hard work in event coordination, and promotion. I also want to thank Kevin Lare and Jeff Lindsay for their efforts with regard to ticket sales.

Cape May County continues to be a shining example of what New Jersey can be. We have one of the lowest tax rates in the state, our tourism revenues and employment opportunities continue to rise. Thanks to the efforts of our law enforcement community Part One crimes have decreased by over 43% in the last four years.

Further, US Attorney General William Barr has announced that he will now join Cape May County and America’s Sheriff, Robert Nolan, in the lawsuit against NJAG Gurbir Grewal in order to overturn Phil Murphy’s mandate that Cape May County become a sanctuary county. This additional help bodes well for the success of our federal lawsuit spearheaded by County Counsel Jeff Lindsay and Senator Michael Testa.

But our work is not over my friends. The Progressive Left and its Communist agenda threaten the very fabric of our Republic. They want to destroy our Constitution and our Bill of Rights, yield our national sovereignty and open our borders to unlimited illegal immigration. They condescendingly ignore the sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of men and women who have bled and died to preserve our liberty.

We must now move our redline farther north and re-elect our Congressman and our President, Donald J Trump in order to set the stage for a RED New Jersey in 2021, while maintaining control of all of our local and county races…AND WE WILL!!

All of this comes at a cost. I will be asking for your continued financial support and hard work to advance the transformation of New Jersey. With your continued efforts we will make New Jersey RED!

It is my great pleasure to serve as your Chairman. Words cannot express the pride that I feel in what we have accomplished together. Let us set our sights forward and continue to make New Jersey a fabulous place for our children and our children’s children.

God bless you! God bless New Jersey and God bless America!!

Best to all,


The GOP, “Grand Old Party,” first took roots in 1854 with a small group of dedicated abolitionists gathered to fight against the expansion of slavery and in hopes of starting a Party dedicated to freedom and equal opportunity.

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